A monster video with a monster soundtrack

This week’s monster video features a monster soundtrack as part of ClearDebt’s monster themed blog posts

ClearDebt’s monster themed blog posts (inspired by ClearDebt’s very own debt monster – debtby) continue this week with another video.

This video has a monster soundtrack to go with it’s monster theme:

Your debts might seem small to start off with but if you start missing repayments they could grow very quickly. If the little debt monster is causing you worry, get help as soon as possible before the big debt monster crushes you! Speak to ClearDebt now we can help you work towards being debt free.

At ClearDebt, we take the issue of personal debt seriously. We also believe moments of humour are affordable to everyone, including those in a serious situation. This Friday blog post is part of the monsters series. If you are concerned about your personal finances, we recommend you try the debt analyser or ask a ClearDebt advisor.

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