A new lease of life

It seems in current times, people are now adapting to what is clearly not, a short spell of bad luck, and in fact a long stretch of recession.  And in the midst of number crunching and penny watching, it’s good to see that many are now embracing a new way of life.
Finding ways to make cutting back more fun, people are going back to basics and finding pleasure in more traditional habits of generations past.  Cycling to work has replaced many a car on the road and home cooked meals provide both a cheaper and often healthier option to the regular takeaway.

And as we continue to look at ways to cut our costs, it seems we’re cutting pounds of another kind too as the recession is proving to offer a healthier nation of Brits?

As a generation or two of couch potatoes, Sports-Fit.com predicts they’ll be 12 million obese adults and 1 million obese children by 2010.  Despite this, the mindset is now changing and some experts think that as people cut back on the take-away lifestyle due to the recession, this could possibly result in a recession led diet plan leading to a healthier Britain.

Recent figures confirm that physical inactivity in the UK is currently costing the NHS £1.8billion a year.
As the credit crunch forces us to take stock of our current lifestyle and make the necessary changes, we could in effect, save the NHS money.

Finally, some good news – we’re all saving money by spending less…and as a result, we’re getting fitter, and as a result of that, we’re saving the NHS money…which is essence, is our money anyway! Now if that’s not a reason for a new lease on life, I don’t know what is?!  Now…where did I put those running shoes? 😉

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