Always time for a little humour

So tell me, how many Insolvency Practitioners does it take to change a light bulb?
Nah…not really.
But it’s the kind of joke I expect many people make after being on edge for weeks until their IVA creditors’ meeting takes place and they finally know if the solution they’ve been waiting for is finally approved.

And whilst they wait? Every time the phone rings or there’s an unexpected knock at the door, they take up camp under the kitchen!

For our clients, hiding under the table or behind closed doors is no longer a worry they need to have.  This week we turned around an IVA case in the space of 6 working days – yes, 6!!!

One of our newest clients called our team last Monday (March 2nd) and just one week later, (March the 10th), the creditors meeting has been booked and in 2 weeks time, all being well, everything will be approved and our client will be on the road to recovery. Now that dates are in place, our very relieved client can move forward with a positive attitude, leaving their worries behind!

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