Candice White’s #DebtHell ends with ClearDebt

Channel 5’s new series My Spiral Into Debt Hell highlights debt issues in the UK and features ClearDebt client.

My Spiral Into Debt Hell

Channel 5 announces their new documentaries which explore issues associated with debt in the United Kingdom.

My spiral into #DebtHell

The first programme in Channel 5’s series is My Spiral Into Debt Hell which is due to be aired on Monday 24th March at 9pm. The show features one of our clients single mum Candice White, who shares her story about how she got into debt and how she has tried to rebuild her life to become debt free. Candice is on the path to become debt free after being accepted in an Involuntary Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Tylah Thompson, Group Supervisory Manager who heads the team who guided Candice through the process said:

…so many people think that an IVA is only available for those who have large amounts of debt.

Nowadays this is simply not the case; Candice owed under £14,000 to 26 organisations and simply could not meet the demands of her creditors.  IVA’s freeze:

  • All interest incurred
  • Stops creditors harassing you with immediate effect
  • Provides each client with a payment plan they can afford
    My Spiral Into Debt Hell - Candice White
    My Spiral Into Debt Hell – Candice White

Candice’s struggle with debt

Candice’s circumstances in this day and age are not unusual. More than one in ten of UK households are struggling with and here at ClearDebt we strive to help each individual with a debt solution that fits their needs.

Solutions like IVAs are affordable, achievable and provide a fair return to the people you owe. ClearDebt have been helping people out of debt since 2004. ClearDebt provide a safe place for people in debt to come for advice and debt solutions – guaranteeing a transparent and ethical service at all times.

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