Clothes swishing parties can save you pounds

Have you tried the new clothes swapping trend “swishing”? Our guest blogger gave it a try and here’s what she thought!

If you’re like the majority of the female nation, frequently feeling the need to rejuvenate your wardrobe, then it’s likely one of your weaknesses is retail therapy. Here’s my guide to swishing – one way you can get some stylish new purchases without spending a penny!

What is Swishing?

I recently attended a clothes swapping party that was being hosted by a friend of a friend. I went along with all of my unwanted and old clothes whilst on the search for something new. Once I arrived at the party, my garments were put in separate piles categorised by their “type” such as, trousers, skirts, dresses and so on. Around 30 people attended the party and all of us had bags full of unwanted clothes which were in great condition for someone else to enjoy. Setting a relaxed and fun atmosphere, the host had very kindly laid out some nibbles and drinks and the music was playing in the background.

Finding the right items for you

Once everybody had arrived at the party, the clothes swishing was in full swing! Through the laughter and chatter we all started to rummage through the various piles of clothes and accessories, choosing numerous pieces that we liked and wanted to try on. What was old for one of us was new for someone else! It was a fantastic evening and I actually managed to find a designer bikini that had never been worn as the previous owner said it was too small for her. I arrived to the party carrying bags of old and unwanted clothing and left with four new pieces that I couldn’t wait to get home and try on again! The party was so much of fun and I managed to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time!

Organise your own swishing party!

Why not give it a go and organise a clothes swishing party? Here are some useful tips to get started:

  1. Plan the party in advance, giving people a sufficient amount of time to dissect their wardrobes ensuring they don’t rush and miss out on bringing valuable items.
  2. Ask every person attending to bring some food or drink so that you don’t end up paying a fortune on refreshments. ( I brought some crisps and a bottle of wine!)
  3. Set up a spare room/bathroom as a changing room with a mirror so that everyone can see what their new purchases look like when trying on!
  4. Any unwanted left over clothes can be taken to a charity shop which gives everyone an added “feel good” bonus.
  5. You could potentially turn the evening into a charity event as well! Why not ask every attendee to donate a few pounds or whatever they can afford for an admission fee and pick your chosen charity to send to the total amount to.
  6. Advertise the event on Facebook or any other social networking sites to spread the word. It’s cheap and easy!

I hope that you have fun organising your clothes swapping event! For more information on swishing events here are some links:


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