Happy Birthday Clara of Great Depression Cooking

Learn how to indulge frugality with Clara Cannucciari, the Great Depression cook and popular author from New York.

Times are tough, budgets are tight, and if your household food budget is fiscally challenged, regardless if you are in a debt management plan, an IVA, or simply doing your best to curb your family expenditure, then the delightfully named Clara Bonfanti Cannucciari may well serve you up a dollop of real inspiration.

Perhaps you have not heard of Clara Cannucciari, the bespectacled nonagenarian New Yorker who today turns 96 and is the sensation behind Great Depression Cooking.

Great Depression Cooking with over 3.5million views on YouTube, a DVD series and a book has been a massive hit in USA.

It features Clara cooking frugal and deliciously wholesome recipes from the 1930’s interspersed with anecdotes about how people coped during the Great Depression.

She recounts some wonderful heartfelt stories to camera from her modest kitchen in New York and the collection of films reveal some sepia memories more worthy of a museum collection than your average daytime TV cookery show.

Dandelion salad, baked apples, Poormans’ breakfast, fried mushrooms, Italian ice or true home made Sicilian pizza? Take your pick, there are more than twenty five videos on offer with a special one promised for release today, August 18th on Clara’s YouTube channel to celebrate her 96th birthday.

All too often celebrity fever that grips the mainstream media focuses on youth and inexperience.

It’s great to see that the wisdom and charms of old age holds such appeal for so many people.

Be endeared to Clara, marvelled by her stories and put your materialistic matters into perspective.

So from this side of the Atlantic,

we salute and thank you Clara, and wish you a very happy 96th birthday!

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