He who shouts the loudest…

Chatter, chatter everywhere.

In the words of BT’s Bob Hoskins, It’s good to talk.  And talk we do.  On twitter, on facebook, on blogs and on forums.

Sometimes it’s talk for talking sake, but other times, it’s to fight for a cause…something we believe in.

And I’m pleased to say, that all our talking has finally made a difference.
The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) has taken action against 11 of these so called “charitable” organisations (and two of these were pointed out to them by me!)
With so many people’s livelihoods in the balance, it’s about time these companies are held accountable for their dishonesty and the worry they have caused so many people in debt as they tell them they’re in the wrong plan or paying too much money to their current IVA provider in order to get them to switch!
11 sites have now been ordered to cease using such trade names and if they continue to trade without obtaining a licence they will then face prosecution. I guess what goes around, comes around.  About time too!

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