Leave your worry monster at home

If your kids like story telling they will adore Storybird, an collaborative drag and drop joy of a website.

Storybird is a delightful service. If your kids like story telling, and you like sparking their imagination, then this website is for you.

You can create stories in your web browser with intuitive drag and drop controls and select enchanting pictures from a wide range of quality illustrations.

And fret not, it’s much more than monsters, although we couldn’t resist selecting this one as a fab example!

At ClearDebt, we take the issue of personal debt seriously. We also believe moments of humour are affordable to everyone, including those in a serious financial situation. This Friday blog post is part of the monsters series. If you are concerned about your personal finances, we recommend you get in touch by completing our online contact form or ask a ClearDebt advisor.

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