Monster success

With over 30m worldwide registered users, Moshi Monsters is a virtual world and online game, where people adopt and care for their very own pet monster.

We previously recommended StoryBird, a collaborative story making website, for parents and children to exercise their imaginations and learn in a fun way. Well, this one goes a bit further and is even more monster centric.

Described by some as Tamagotchi meets Facebook for 7-12 year olds, but with education thrown in, Moshi Monsters is a virtual world and online game, where people adopt and care for their very own pet monster.

With over 30m worldwide registered users, over 15m in the UK alone, users select and customize a monster, decorate it’s world and share it with friends.

Moshi Monsters

Recently the site was cruelly pipped for first place at the Bafta Kids awards in the web category, however with the launch of a merchandising line in time for Christmas, and a phenomenally successful gameplay that integrates an educational streak , the playful company, which takes it’s inspiration from the masters of animation Pixar, seems set for great things in 2012.

If you have children, the chances are they would adore it.  It’s free to join and but paying members can get all the cool extras.

Why we like it

OK, so it’s high on the monster quotia which always curries favour with us at ClearDebt, but the gameplay teaches some valuable lessons about managing your resources.

Caring for a points based virtual pet means playing with it and also feeding it. Overfeeding your monster will deplete your points, but under nourishing it can lead to hunger and foul moods, so the principles of being mindful of your resources is a valuable skill for children to learn.

Read a fuller review about Moshi Monsters here and visit the site at

ps. If you’re interested in the backstory of this company, I recommend viewing this video interview with the affable founder of Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters, Mr Michael Acton Smith.

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