Need debt help and worried about paying your utility bills?

Free debt advice guide for anybody struggling to pay their utility bills.

Can you imagine living without gas, electricity or water? If you reached rock bottom and couldn’t afford to pay your utility bills, would you know what to do?

Read our free debt advice guide which includes the following:

• Information about the rights of people who are in debt to utility companies
• Information about the different legal framework for people in debt to water companies
• Addresses for utility watchdogs

The free advice guide also lists the circumstances in which energy suppliers are not allowed to disconnect you, even if you have a debt with them.
View the ClearDebt online advice guide to paying utility bill debts.

If you have other debts in addition to your utility bills and want to know the best debt solution for you, complete the ClearDebt debt analyser now and one of our experienced advisors will be in touch.

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