Running for The Wellspring

The ClearDebt staff are once again limbering up to take on the Great Manchester Run 2013.

The ClearDebt staff are once again limbering up to take on the Great Manchester 10k run on Sunday 26th May.

25 runners will be dragging themselves across the finish line, all in the name of a good cause, our charity of the year – The Wellspring.

The Wellspring is a homeless resource centre providing a vital lifeline in the form of medical care, free lunches and dinners, counselling, skill-based workshops and much more besides.

ClearDebt Fundraising

With only 3 days left until the Great Manchester Run, the Abacus Customer Service and ClearDebt Supervisory departments have put their heads together and organised some additional fundraising activities.

The £1 raffle to have your car valeted inside and out  proved so popular the team are extending the raffle and pulling one more lucky winner from that hat.

The Advice team launched a raffle with the chance to win a two course Indian meal for two people with drinks which raised over £90. The cake sale raised £32 and the ‘guess the amount of sweets in a jar’ game raised over £75!

There are plenty of opportunities to support The Wellspring and everyone participating in the run. All donations are hugely appreciated.



Good luck to all the ClearDebt runners

James Allen, Matthew Bannon, Dan Cabbin, James Cowell, Daniel Etchells, Matthew Foley, Tom Grainge, Steven Greenwood, Jonny Hall, Carley Jones, Sam Kerr, Ashley King, Claire Limb, Mark Love, Jason Marsden, Josh Mond, Richard Morley, Linda Pearce, Olivia Roberts, Lauren Sanders, John Sefton, Tim Gmerek, Mike Anghelides, Alan Dolan and Sailesh Vara.

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