Sky is the Limit for Student Loan Debt

Student debt affects a generation like nothing before. Watch the testimony of Sky Wallen from USA as part of the #outwithstudentdebt campaign.

With the impending debt ceiling looming in the USA, there is increased chatter about the financial consequences of nation defaults and macro economics.

Spare a thought, however, for those that continually grapple with personal debt in their everyday lives.

Sky Wallen is one in a million USA students that are afflicted with chronic student loan debt. Her video testimony is heartfelt one.


We reported recently how students resort to dipping into funds to complete their course and blogged if a degree was worth £27k worth of debt.

If you interested in the topic, take a look at the recent Versus Debates 1 hour special discussing University is an unwise investment on YouTube. There is also a rich vein of conversations on the Google Plus hashtag of #VsUni.

The issues raised in Sky’s video are common to students worldwide despite this video being part of the #outwithstudentdebt campaign in USA. You can still vote for your choice of candidate for the campaign on the official website.

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