The cold cost of Christmas

Over 750,000 people plan to put on the layers this winter rather than turn up the heat in their homes.

Hat, gloves and scarf out, the de-icer’s been used for the first time since February – and yes, I’ll finally accept that winter is well and truly here!

So, as Jack Frost glitters the pavements in the dark hours of the night, I ask how far should we be pushing ourselves in these winter months when trying to keep within our budget?  I, more than most, am the first to talk budgets with people but when it can cause ill health, I do think questions need to be asked. Having the discipline to only spend what you need is essential in the current climate (;)) but can we take it too far?

Moneysupermarket has indicated over 750,000 people plan to put on the layers this winter rather than turn up the heat in their homes.  62% of those questioned say they’ve made this decision to keep the bills down for as long as possible – but really, is this something which should be encouraged?  Or has budgeting gone a step too far?  And if that wasn’t enough to worry about, this next statistic is even worse – 18% of those who took part in this research, confessed they’re not putting the heating on because they have no choice – they genuinely can’t afford for their bills to go up!

As consumers are already showing signs of panic about the cost of Christmas, it seems the thought of bills landing on the doorstep in January are become a constantly growing fear. If people are already going without now, what will the aftermath look like when January falls?  Is this going to be one festive season that isn’t so festive? And how are people going to adapt as the cold nights draw in.

Please let us know here what you’re planning to do to save money in the home this winter, and help others with any tips you can give.

Now…where did I put those totes? 😉

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