The lasting gift of winter

As the days finally seem a little milder, and the occassional walk is now not so painful without the protection of a winter coat, it seems we are all quite eager to put the cold front of the winter behind us.  But as we enter into spring, there is a price to pay for keeping warm in months just past.

With everyone worrying about rising energy costs and wieghing up the odds between unwanted heating bills and freezing through December, January and then February, the majority of us gave in and turned up the thermostat, putting to one side the bill which would evenutally land on the doorstep.

Well, the eagle has definately landed. have now confirmed what we were hoping we could put off – approximately 5.5million people, that’s currently 21% of the UK population, are now in debt to energy suppliers – primarily as a result of the winter just passed.  As we’re told 2009/2010 gave us the coldest winter in 30 years, 41% of tpeople taking part in the research confirmed their energy costs for this period had increased in comparison to the same period in 2008/09.

With £728million now owed to energy companies, the question has to be asked, what are we doing to manage the debt arising in this area?  This debt is unlikely to be down to poor management of monthly costs but from unexpected costs – planned costs that spiralled out of control because the cold period lasted longer, and cost more, than three decades before!

As energy costs come under scrutiny for their rising trends, these issues have to be addressed before winter 2010 creeps upon us.

So – if you’re experiencing similar trouble, share your knowledge and thoughts here.

What can people do to save energy when the cold nights set back in?  Who are you finding to be the best energy companies and rates?  And who are the worst?  Have you had your house insulated – and if so, how much did you save in energy costs in comparison to previous years?

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