Weighing up the odds..badly

It seems the recession has started playing funny you know what’s with our heads!

News this week confirms people around the UK are more worried about getting burgled than they are about failing to meet their mortgage payments and consequently loosing their homes!

Now let me think…as awful as it would be to be burgled – surely in the current climate the chances of missing your mortgage payments is much higher?  Yes?  Well apparently…for some of you, the answer is…No!?!

Despite the fact that experts are predicting 75,000 families will have lost their homes by the end of this year, many homeowners are choosing to pay the insurance on their home contents rather than their mortgage cover!

LV insurance carried out this research which confirmed 65% of those homeowners questioned were more worried about having a burglary than loosing their home.  Thanks goodness 49% admitted the reality check was needed and knew loosing their home due to missed mortgage payments, must be, in this day and age a priority on anyone’s list.

Chelsea Building Society, confirmed some time ago that managing finances is still not a priority for many people and only 23% of those taking part in their research said they were now dealing with such tasks….it seems, even after these statistics were released, attitudes have not changed.

Share your thoughts here and let us know, if you had to make the choice, what you would choose to insure – your home contents, or your mortgage payments?  And if you’ve already made that choice – what was it? And do you believe it was the right one?

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