IVA Case Studies (Part 1)

Every day ClearDebt are helping people beat debt problems they thought insurmountable. This section contains real life IVA case studies from some of the people we have helped clear their debts and become debt free by offering IVA help, IVA advice and bankruptcy advice.

When you’ve read these IVA case studies we hope you will agree that a ClearDebt IVA can stop sleepless nights for people who owe relatively little or relatively lots, at all ages and in all walks of life.

Our first IVA case study is the story of a ClearDebt customer who cut their debt by 61% – saving £600 a month with an IVA.

You can view our most recent client comments and feedback on the ClearDebt reviews page and if you would like to share your experiences with others as an anonymous IVA case study get in touch via marketing@cleardebt.co.uk.

Calculate your monthly repayments in an IVA

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IVA Case Studies (Part 1)

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