Bankruptcy Avoided with 75% Debt Write-Off

We helped a retired minister of religion reduce his debt by more than £40,000. But, we had to struggle against a major creditor who seemed to be unprepared to get less money back – and to see Rev. A pushed into bankruptcy.

Lots of people will tell you your best route to clear debt and become debt free (take our debt analyser and you’ll find ClearDebt tries hard to give you the best debt advice). However, at the end of the day, it’s your choice – or it should be.

Rev. A could have gone bankrupt: But he didn’t want to – he really wanted to do the best he could to deal with his debts. But, a major creditor disagreed and wanted him to go bankrupt instead.

This is a case where the ClearDebt way of working really paid off. Because the relationship adviser who talks to you is the same person who talks to your creditors we have better information – and we feel a little more involved. It’s probable that this would have failed – but for the effort put in by our RM to ensure the creditor and debtor understood each other.

75% of Rev. A’s debt has been written off. He’s happy he’s doing his best and knows he can afford to make the payments. The creditors? well, they are getting more back than they would through bankruptcy – even though one of them didn’t want to.

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Bankruptcy Avoided with 75% Debt Write-Off

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