7m kept off property ladder by debt

Abbey has found that affordability and a lack of savings are holding back home-ownership, showing that many would benefit from advice on becoming debt free to get a house.

“There are people who feel that they do not want to get on the property ladder, but those who do face many barriers, of which the most notable is the cost of homes,” said Nici Audham Gardiner, mortgage product executive at Abbey.

Overall, the survey found that 17.3 million adults are being kept off the housing ladder, with a lack of a deposit one reason along with house prices and the desire for the proper mortgage.

The Alliance Trust also found last week that the house price to income ratio had soared by 60 per cent since 1970, which goes some way to explaining the trend.

However, personal debt levels have also risen to nearly £1.3 trillion, indicating that hopeful homeowners may wish to take out advice on becoming debt free before looking for a house.


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