ADDIDI Wealth: More awareness of money management

More people are seeking professional advice about their finances, an expert has said.

Independent financial advisory company ADDIDI Wealth has said the government’s attention to financial management has resulted in more people asking for help compared to ten years ago.

This may suggest people with debt management issues are more open to discussing solutions with a professional and younger people are focussing more becoming debt-free.

Anna Sofat, director of the organisation, said: “For a decade or two we almost took money management as something which was part of life skills that everybody should have. I think more people are seeking advice than they were a decade ago.”

Ms Sofat added financial management courses are becoming more common in schools.

However, she also commented that people are not getting advice on saving, thus missing out on benefits.

Last month the Ifs School of Finance said there was healthy interest in those wishing to train as a mortgage advisor.

By Morwenna Kearns


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