Adults offered new finance lessons

An initiative that aims to provide adults with personal finance lessons has been launched and is being rolled out across the country.

The ifs School of Finance is behind the endeavour and its launch has come after a series of successful pilot programmes tested the usefulness of teaching consumers about issues like debt management and how to budget effectively.

A number of prominent organisations, including the UK’s payment association Apacs and the Association of Investment Companies, have come out in support of the project, while ifs is convinced that most British adults would like to access personal finance lessons.

“Apacs believes that all consumers should have the opportunity to gain the skills needed to make informed financial decisions,” said Sandra Quinn, the organisation’s director of communications.

“We therefore support this new programme in personal financial planning,” she added.

As well as adults, the ifs School of Finance is aiming to educate British children in financial matters more effectively in the hope that they will be in a position to avoid the kind of debt management problems so many consumers are currently facing.


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