Avoid fraud by “looking after information”

Following figures revealing an increase in ID fraud, consumers have been advised to avoid becoming a victim by protecting themselves.

Equifax’s external affairs director Neil Monroe has said people should be “very circumspect” about personal information and to ensure the recipient is legitimate. If any doubts occur, he advised not sending the details.

“There’s the physical side where you need to look after your information – shredding has been well talked about but also making sure documents are kept secure,” Mr Monroe said, adding using email and telephone may also allow fraudsters access to details.

If consumers do find themselves victims, he recommended checking credit reports to ensure accounts have not been taken over or credit opened using stolen names.

The advice may be of interest to those worried about bankruptcy or with debt management issues as victimisation may cause difficulties in getting loans later on.

Facility takeover fraud – where fraudsters impersonate victims to take over their accounts – has increased 157 per cent since last year, Cifas has said.

By Morwenna Kearns


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