Banking fees ‘are a bit too nasty’

The ways in which banking fees are being levied against British consumers are a “bit too nasty”, it has been claimed.

According to Marc Gander, founder of the Consumer Action Group, these charges are being made most often against people who are already poor and may be struggling to become debt free.

Mr Gander maintains that while banking services are not ever going to be provided for free, regulations should be brought in to ensure that vulnerable consumers are not those being most regularly hit by charges they can barely afford.

“The very poor and the very vulnerable – who have such a desperate time surviving – are the people paying for the banking of the wealthy. That’s a bit too nasty, we think,” he said.

He went on to suggest that if banks are found to have been charging their customers unfairly they are likely to find other methods of extracting revenues from British consumers.

Last month, Citizens Advice called on banking groups in the UK not to levy “unreasonable charges” on their customers who are already dealing with debt management problems.


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