Beauty spending ‘could spell financial hardship’

The amounts of money being spent by British women on beauty products are now so high that some could be running the risk of adding to their
debt management difficulties, new research has suggested.

Figures from Co-operative Insurance (CIS) show that the typical amount spent by a female UK consumer on all manner of beauty products is now close to £180,000 over the course of their lifetime.

In addition, while millions of consumers struggle to become debt free, the average 33-year-old British woman now splashes out as much as £253 per month with the aim of looking their best.

“Women in particular should be thinking about their financial future far more seriously and not just have the ‘live for today’ attitude,” said Danny Hurely, head of pensions at CIS.

A study released by Abbey this week revealed that British consumers intend to borrow a total of around £1.4 million to fund plastic surgery procedures.


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