Benefits alterations ‘may help’ debtors

Changes to the benefits system may provide much needed help to those debtors with young families.

This is according to Citizens Advice, which noted that – as of Monday (November 2nd) – those who rent their homes and receive child benefits may be entitled to further payments.

Liz Phelps, social policy officer with the organisation, observed that an increasing number of families are finding it difficult to make ends meet and are unable “to afford to pay their essential household bills, including their rent”.

She added that the upcoming revisions to the government rules “could make a huge difference” and recommended that all those in such situations contact their local council or Citizens Advice to find out if they are eligible for assistance.

Earlier this month, debtors were advised by Will Marples of to consider their options when choosing their energy suppliers, as there are now several smaller companies offering competitive rates.

By Sarah Adie


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