British drivers face “increasing financial pressure”

Costs such as parking fees, maintenance payments, fuel charges and vehicle taxes are all taking their toll on the finances of the average British motorist and could be making finding a debt solution more difficult for many, a recent Zurich Insurance study suggests.

In total, UK drivers spend close to £51 billion each year on the various aspects involved in keeping a car on the road and a third of motorists are convinced the cost of driving has increased by more than £400 in the last five years, the latest research reveals.

“The cost of motoring has risen dramatically over the past few years, putting drivers under increasing financial pressure,” said Mark Seales chief marketing officer at Zurich Insurance.

Meanwhile, a recent report from Sainsbury’s Bank suggested that the average costs of maintaining a household in the UK has risen by a full 12 per cent over the course of the last two years.


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