British women ‘looking for financial independence’

An increasing number of British women are aiming to become financially independent, according to recent research.

Many thousands of women are among the millions of UK consumers looking to clear debt and three-quarter of female Britons feel the idea of men being a family’s main breadwinner is outdated.

A smaller proportion, close to two-thirds, of British men agree that their role in family is not necessarily that of the sole wage-earner and women are increasingly taking charge of their own financial affairs, the Carter Allen Private Bank reports.

“It’s intriguing to see that more men feel there is a place in society for the traditional ‘male breadwinner’ than women,” said Sally Watts, marketing director at the group behind the research.

“This highlights the changing attitudes amongst young British women towards independence and financial self-sufficiency.”

A report last year from uSwitch revealed that British women accounted for more than £30 billion in unsecured personal loan and credit card debt.


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