Britons ‘cutting back on motoring costs’

The majority of Britons are looking to improve their debt management by lowering driving costs, a new survey has suggested.

Figures from Saga Motor Insurance have revealed 70 per cent of those polled have taken action to reduce the expenses associated with their vehicles.

Around two-fifths (37 per cent) have scaled back on the amount of miles they drive each week, while 28 per cent have been checking prices to find the cheapest fuel.

And 17 per cent have opted to wash their cars themselves rather than paying for the service.

“It’s a positive thing that people are taking practical steps in order to cut down on motoring costs,” commented Saga Group chief executive Andrew Goodsell.

He continued: “By adopting simple changes, motorists can significantly cut their monthly outgoings.”

Britons have started to give more importance to the value of money in the wake of the economic slowdown, according to a survey conducted by GfK NOP on the behalf of the Charities Aid Foundation.

By Jamie Price


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