Britons ‘finding innovative ways to save’

People in the UK are discovering different ways to save cash and reduce motoring costs during the recession without cutting back on insurance cover, a new report has suggested.

Findings from a YouGov survey commissioned by ibuyeco – an eco-friendly insurance provider – reveal that in the last 12 months 46 per cent of motorists have opted to employ smoother driving methods, including softer accelerating and breaking, in order to save money and reduce the risk of perhaps falling into debt.

Lucy Bailey, senior marketing manager with ibuyeco, remarked that it was good to see people taking measures to lessen expenditure during the downturn without altering their insurance cover.

“Savings from even small adjustments in the way you drive can soon add up,” she said, adding that 27 per cent of those on the road could benefit from adopting some of these measures as they said they had not altered their driving behaviour at all.

In recent news, Alex Wells, press officer at the Retail Motor Industry Federation, offered tips to drivers, suggesting that ignoring small problems on cars could create bigger ones later on.

By Sarah Adie


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