Britons hit with ‘extra’ charges

Many Britons are having to pay unexpected or extra charges at a time when they are looking to cut down on their bills, it has been claimed.

According to, over 4.5 million households are paying such fees for broadband and mobile phone services, costing consumers an extra £36 per year on average.

The research found that paper billing and non-direct debit payments were the most common items customers were charged for, with some also footing the bill for late payments and installation charges.

“Although we’ve seen telecom bills fall in the past year, providers are still clawing back millions with unnecessary charges,” James Parker of the price comparison website stated, calling for Ofcom to investigate ways to protect consumers from these charges.

And he also advised customers to check their contracts thoroughly so that they are aware of any extra costs, advice that those following a debt management plan may wish to consider.

Halifax recently urged customers who are looking to improve their debt management to seek advice from a finance professional rather than friends and family.

By Tom Musk


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