Britons ‘need to consider the cost of dying’

People in the UK ought to be making provisions to safeguard against the financial implications of death, it has been suggested.

Mark Howes, Sun Life Direct’s managing director, emphasised the importance of ensuring against monetary difficulties that can be caused by dying, as the costs of funerals look set to rise – which could create many problems for those already in debt.

“Organising a funeral can be extremely stressful and painful, without having the added worry of not being able to cover the costs,” he said.

Results from a survey conducted by Sun Life Direct revealed that the average funeral will cost £2,733, which is expected to increase by 31 per cent between 2009 and 2014.

Indebted people in London should exercise as much caution as possible as, according to the study, the average cost of death in the capital has reached almost £10,000.

Last month, a survey by the Office for National Statistics revealed that the number of people of working-age living in workless households rose to 4.8 million in April to June, which suggests that funeral costs could have a severe impact on families already struggling.

By Sarah Adie


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