Britons ‘opening up’ to financial discussions

A growing number of Britons are discussing their personal finances with others as a result of the credit crunch, a new study has found.

Research from has revealed that 53 per cent of UK adults are now willing to talk about money problems, with one in four believing the issue is a popular topic of conversation.

Of these, 28 per cent say they feel more comfortable when discussing their finances with others in a similar situation, while 27 per cent raise the subject in order to get advice.

Director of credit Darryl Bowman described the findings as “good to see”.

“As we open up about our finances, the easier it becomes to address issues,” he explained, advice which those struggling financially and looking to get debt help may wish to follow.

The issue may remain a popular topic of conversation in the months to come, as a recent poll by Adfero found that the majority (59 per cent) do not expect the economic situation to improve during 2009.

By Tom Musk


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