Britons urged to tackle cash flow problems

Britons have been urged to address their finances and take steps to end contracts with phone or digital TV providers if they feel they can no longer pay the bills for these services.

Jill Blake, a spokesperson for, stated that “something has definitely gone amiss” if consumers are considering not paying minor utility bills.

Struggling Brits should instead cut back on their usage of such services or end the contract altogether, she said.

“Finances change and when something’s got to give it appears that chatting on the phone and watching TV are among the first few things to go,” Ms Blake remarked.

She added that consumers need to face up to “financial tight spots”, which may involve seeking debt help.

According to Credit Action, total personal debt in the UK stood at £1,456 billion at the end of November – an increase of £56 billion in the last year.

By Rosie Park


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