Brits ‘being too decent’ over bank charges

British consumers are being too decent and overly polite in how they deal with their banks in regards to the issue of overdraft charges, it has been suggested.

Marc Gander, founder of the Consumer Action Group, maintains that British people tend to feel responsible for their own financial problems even when banks have charged them large sums for minor infringements of agreed terms.

With this in mind, Mr Gander has urged consumers to claim back money they have been charged for unauthorised overdraft lending, which have forced many people into further debt management difficulty.

“They [British consumers] shouldn’t feel blameworthy, they shouldn’t feel responsible, because it’s the banks that have caused this by levying what we think are unlawful charges,” said Mr Gander.

Last month, the Office of Fair Trading won a case at the High Court that means it can now investigate whether or not bank charges are fair and lawful and take action if they are not.


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