Brits borrow millions to go under the knife

British consumer will borrow millions of pounds and risk debt management disaster to pay for plastic surgery during the coming months, according to a study commissioned by Abbey.

The research carried out by ICM on Abbey’s behalf found that over 900,000 people around the country are planning to splash out on surgery in the pursuit of physical enhancement.

Breast augmentation and tummy tucking are the two most common procedures and Brits are likely to borrow a total of £1.4 billion collectively to have the surgery of their choice performed.

Paul Morrish, head of Abbey Loans, said: “Whether striving for visible perfection or as part of a medical treatment, plastic surgery is getting more and more popular amongst Britons.

“We are seeing an increase in requests to borrow for plastic surgery and… we’d be more than happy to speak to anyone who is seriously considering cosmetic procedures.”

Figures released earlier this year by the Credit Action charity suggested that the UK’s debt management burden is worth £1 million more every four minutes.


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