Brits ‘fuming’ over energy price hikes

British consumers are “fuming” about the recent price hikes that have seen their energy bills rise dramatically, according to recent research.

Figures from have shown that only two per cent of people believe that the recent price rises have been justified and for many people the increases have led to additional debt management concerns.

Five of the UK’s six largest energy companies have increased the prices they charge consumers for electricity and gas in 2008 and a full 95 per cent of people feel as if they are “being cheated” by their provider, the price comparison firm reports.

Scott Byrom, utilities manager at, said: ” People are quite rightly getting hot under the collar at the prospect of average annual bills of over £1,000, but barely any of us should be paying that much.”

Last week, Virgin Money reported that thousands of football fans around the country spend hundreds of pounds each month on following their respective clubs.


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