Brits ‘still paying off holiday debt’ from last year

Many Britons are still paying off the credit card debt from holidays taken last summer, a poll has revealed.

Despite this, the Abbey Credit Cards survey showed that 57 per cent of UK adults are planning to use their plastic cards on trips overseas this year.

The organisation noted that this can result in fees of around three per cent being imposed on users.

In addition, the study showed that 35 per cent of those questioned have had to use their credit card abroad due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies when on holiday.

“Britons holidaying abroad this summer will pay out more than £73 million in foreign exchange fees, a staggering and unnecessary sum,” commented Abbey head of credit cards Callum Gibson.

Meanwhile, UK shoppers are set to benefit from contactless payment technology that allows consumers to pay for transactions of less than £10 without the need to enter a Pin number, according to Apacs.

By Jamie Price


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