Brits taking “considered approach” over Christmas

Britons are reigning in their spending this Christmas and taking a more “considered approach” to buying gifts, it has been claimed.

Freelance journalist Karen Kay and Kevin Breese of explained that the credit crunch is resulting in shoppers becoming more “imaginative” with their present purchases, taking advantage of free personal shopping services in order to get gift ideas.

“[People] are being more careful about how they spend their money,” Karen Kay noted, adding that becoming more thoughtful about what you buy over Christmas is “a good thing”.

Those looking to save money over the coming months in an attempt to become debt free may wish to follow Ms Kay’s advice in order to reduce their outgoings and take control of their finances.

According to a survey by National Savings and Investments, people are adopting a number of methods in an effort to cut costs over the festive season, with 37 per cent planning to make their own cards and 34 per cent switching from champagne to sparkling wine.

By Tom Musk


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