Brits urged to control holiday spending

British consumers have been urged not to overspend while on holiday and leave themselves with a debt management headache when they return home.

Frances Walker from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service suggests that if holidaymakers save and budget effectively, there should be no cause for consumers to accumulate serious and difficult-to-pay-off debts.

Indeed, Ms Walker insists that for many British consumers, serious debts resulting from holiday spending tends to reflect more significant and long-term financial problems.

She said: “The times we spend on our credit card a lot tend to be holidays and Christmas but unless you’ve got an underlying issue in either case it shouldn’t cause you to become over-indebted.

“You just need to plan to repay your credit cards back and not go on using them.”

Figures from showed recently that close to 12 million British consumers face debt management concerns as a result of their holiday spending habits.


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