Brits “very worried” about bills

The rising cost of household bills is causing British consumers to become “very worried”, according to Prudential.

Director of lifetime mortgages at Prudential Keith Haggart said most people surveyed by the company said they had not been affected by the credit crunch.

However, he added: “But there were other questions in there about petrol prices and electricity prices and the vast majority said they were very concerned about the effects of rising fuel, petrol and food bills.

Asking questions in a different manner can suggest an alternative version of people’s opinions, Mr Haggart commented, revealing the British public is concerned about issues such as debt problems arising from the cost of living.

The research found 46 per cent of the public were worried about the credit crunch, while 85 per cent of people had concerns about the price of gas and electricity and 75 per cent had worries over the cost of petrol.

A consolidation loan may help those with debt management issues.

By Morwenna Kearns


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