Brits ‘worry about debt while on holiday’

Worry over debt is spoiling many Brits’ holidays, it has been claimed.

Several people are unable to forget about financial concerns while they are taking a break abroad, according to research from American Express Travellers Cheques.

Despite holidays being intended as a time of rest and relaxation, 70 per cent of respondents said they are troubled by pressures at home while they are away, the survey found.

A further 26 per cent stated that the rising cost of living in the UK haunts them while they are abroad.

Director Sarah Harrison commented: “Additional stresses and pressures of home are often difficult to leave behind. Thinking carefully about how you carry your money abroad is one way to give you peace of mind.”

Meanwhile, the credit crunch has resulted in the comeback of the family holiday, as 44 per cent of people in their late 20s are now going away with their parents as a form of debt solution, research from Saga suggested.


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