Building society in ‘belt-tightening’ call

Yorkshire Building Society claims that Britons could save £44 billion every year through simple measures, a move which would see many become debt free.

Tanya Jackson, media relations manager at the building society, commented: “It is interesting to see that by simply making a few small changes to how we run our lives, we can save a substantial amount of money – over £44 billion a year in total!”

Around 84 per cent of those surveyed said that they believe they could save money, through taking their own sandwiches to work, turning down the thermostat or cutting their speed on motorways.

Through measures like this, consumers could save up to £11 each day and put some money away towards becoming debt free.

Ms Jackson urged Britons to start taking action towards this now before it is too late.

“With the UK facing further interest rate rises, rising house prices and a savings gap of £27 billion, consumers should seriously consider ‘tightening their belts’ and getting into the habit of saving regularly,” she stated.


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