CAB aim to improve debt advice offering

An initiative has been launched that will aim to see Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) improve the service they offer to people struggling to become debt free.

Tens of thousands of consumers use their CAB as a debt advice resource and the nationwide charity is hoping to do more to assist such individuals as they try to reach a repayment agreement with their creditors.

According to Citizens Advice, there have been an increasing number of instances around the country in which creditors are unwilling to reach an agreement on a debt management plan unless a third-party has helped to draw it up.

With this in mind, the charity is looking to find out how people have managed to cope when they decide to deal with their creditors alone and without any third-party support.

Earlier this month, Citizens Advice launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the growing problems of fuel debt in the UK.

Written by Frank Charlton


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