Carelessness could cause indebtedness as phones get ‘flushed away’

Research from comparison and switching service SimplySwitch has revealed that more than a quarter of mobile phone owners have lost or damaged a handset, which could be expensive to replace.

“Of the 18 million new handsets bought in the UK every year, roughly 4.5 million will end up lost or damaged,” said Karen Darby from SimplySwitch.

“With handsets now costing up to £400, and people often opting out of the insurance package, there’s more reason than ever to look after your mobile.”

Perhaps incredibly, some 855,000 handsets are flushed down the toilet each year, costing a collective £342 million, according to the website, something that could prevent consumers becoming debt free.

Recent research from Halifax Home Insurance revealed that Brits are also spending collectively close to £6.5 billion a year that their families are unaware of, which could be fuelling consumer debt.


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