Cash-strapped Brits ‘losing out on holiday’

Those in debt could be exposing themselves to unnecessary risks by not taking out comprehensive travel insurance while on holiday, one expert has suggested.

Marketing director of online-based travel agency On the Beach Alistair Daly said a number of travellers may be scrimping on keeping themselves covered as they do not consider it an essential cost.

He remarked: “Every year, Britons lose millions of pounds in unforeseen medical and hospital costs whilst abroad. This is due to not having comprehensive travel insurance cover.”

Making sure an individual is fully covered is vitally important before planning any trip outside the country, Mr Daly added.

For those looking to save money while away, he remarked, all-inclusive holidays offer good value as additional costs can be reduced due to food and drink being included in the original price.

According to the Office for National Statistics, people in Britain took less holidays in 2008 than in the previous year.

By Francis Finch


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