CCJ hotspots in the Midlands and the North

New research from an online credit organisation has revealed that towns in Yorkshire and areas in the Midlands dominate the top 20 locations with the most CCJs per household.

On average, one in 11 adults in the UK has a CCJ against their name – a figure that rises to as high as one in six in Wolverhampton.

Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Doncaster, Huddersfield and Halifax are all also in the 20 worst towns for CCJ registrations.

MyCallcredit director Alison Nicholson described the concentration of results as “surprising”, adding that it was important people strived to avoid CCJs.

“Anyone who has a CCJ registered in their name may find it difficult to get further credit,” she explained.

“But as there are many other factors that can affect your credit rating it’s important for people to know what information is held about them before they apply for credit, that way they’ll make sure they get the best deal for them.”

One other clear finding from the survey was the absence of towns within commuting distance of London – 14 of the bottom 20 were classed as being in this region.

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