CCJs up by a third in 2006

With the UK’s debt management mountain continuing to rise the findings demonstrate that after 14 years of reduction 2005 and 2006 have seen the number of County Court Judgments (CCJs) rise.

And as millions of Brits struggle to control their debt problems, the Registry Trust reports that close to 844,000 people were faced with CCJs over the course of last year.

Registry Trust chairman Malcolm Hurlston is quoted by Creditman as saying: “Judgments are an important item in creditors’ armoury, particularly for dealing with people who are ‘won’t pays’ rather than ‘can’t pays’ and the sharp rise indicates that it is creditor behaviour that is changing.”

Directgov explains that when CCJs are issued an individual is liable to payback an debt figure agreed with the relevant creditor, but if an agreement cannot be reached then the court rules on the extent of the payment due.


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