Changing thermostats can lower energy debt

Altering the ways in which you heat your house could help to alleviate energy bill debts, an industry insider has claimed.

Paula Owen from the Energy Saving Trust has suggested several ways to cut costs which could help people with their debt management.

“Try turning your thermostat down by one degree C – you might not notice the difference, but it can cut your heating bills by ten per cent a year,” she advised.

She added that main living areas only need to be kept at a temperature of 18-21 degrees C – although if there are elderly persons or young children around it may need to be higher.

Ms Owen also recommended checking that water heaters were not set too high and that radiators can be put onto a timer to switch on only when needed.

Meanwhile, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has launched a television campaign about energy efficiency.

By Jamie Price


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