Children from indebted families “often overlooked”

Debt and money worries within families can have a negative impact on children that often goes unnoticed, it has been suggested.

According to the director of Youthworks Consulting, Adrienne Katz, any period of deprivation affects young people and they can keep their worries to themselves for fear of putting increased pressure on parents.

“People often split because of money arguments and the whole impact on children is often overlooked,” she said, adding that it is difficult to know what action to take, apart from providing increased support for parents.

Ms Katz went on to remark that some adults are able to separate their worries from their parental duties but that it is very hard to do so.

Her comments follow a recent study by the Trades Union Congress, which found that the value of unemployment benefits compared to earnings – currently at £64.30 a week – has fallen and is lower now than in other recessions.

By Sarah Adie


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