Christmas overspending can cause “misery”

Spending too much over the festive season could leave families feeling disappointed and frustrated, it has been claimed.

Finance expert Jasmine Birtles explained that families need to cut back on giving presents at Christmas and said that she was “pleased” the credit crunch is forcing people to reduce the amount of money they spend on gifts for their children.

“All this spending has created misery. Not just after Christmas with the debt but at Christmas there is an empty feeling of disappointment and frustration,” she remarked.

Those struggling with debt management over the winter months may wish to follow Ms Birtles’ advice and reduce the amount they spend, as it could result in more stable finances leading into the New Year.

Finance website recently stated that Britons can cut down on their spending over the holiday period by enjoying an ‘ethical Christmas’ by producing homemade gifts and buying recycled, ethically-friendly goods.

By Tom Musk


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