Church of England offers help to debtors

Debtors have been offered advice by the Church of England (CofE) to help them limit their money troubles this Christmas.

According to national stewardship officer Dr John Preston, creating a budget and then leaving credit cards at home and using cash to make purchases will help reduce possible debts.

“Planning for an affordable Christmas starts now,” he said, following the launch of three videocasts on the CofE website.

These have been brought in alongside a budgeting spreadsheet, designed to maintain people’s Christmas spirit without them falling into debt.

Dr Preston remarked that the tools “are an ideal way to get on top of your spending”.

They are part of the CofE’s Matter of Life and Debt initiative that has been helping Britons through the recession with helpful advice and links.

Those looking to save extra money may like to head to the web in search of deals, as consumer watchdog Which? saved £383 purchasing presents digitally.

By Sarah Adie


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